Helping The Youth In Crisis

When I was in pre-school, I once proclaimed that I would be a scientist. Later in grade school, I wanted to be a basketball player. When I arrived in high school, I decided I want to be a musician. Finally when I stepped in the front door of college, I told myself, I’ll be a programmer. Thinking back, I wanted to be many things, but why did so much of my decision changed? It’s because as time goes on, the picture you have in mind becomes clearer.

In my youth, I had a crisis in what I want to be when I grow up. I always get influenced by what I watch, admit it, there was a time in your life when you had a similar thought, didn’t you? For me, it was always the ones that caught my interest. It’s not always the main character that’s interesting, but sometime the one that rarely shows up. In my case, when I was a kid, I once saw in television a man talking about something complicated, so I asked my parents what the man is talking about. They simply answered that he is talking about science because he is a scientist. At that time my interest blew out of control, and I began to pretend that I’m a scientist and imitated what he was doing. Needless to say, I was scolded for making a mess in the kitchen, thus my interest for science grew less. I was, once again, uncertain what I want to be in the future.

While not minding the crisis I had in my youth, I began playing with the kids next door to relax. I had so much fun playing with them, that it wasn’t until we began playing basketball I found myself yearning to be a professional player. This, however resulted in my poor performance in school. My parents were alarmed with what I do with my time and consulted me if I really wanted to be a basketball player. I realized that I was only doing that for fun, and if I played alone, it was quite different when playing with friends. Professional basketball players are serious and not something that just comes out of the blue because of a snap decision. I rebuked myself for thinking such a hollow thought. And, once again, I find myself in crisis of what I want to be. Yes, there are a lot of crisis a person has in youth. We often think what we want to be.

High school came and I started listening to music. I idolized them and started picking up the guitar. It was going quite well, and at that time, my parents told me that I’m growing into a young adult, and that my decision should come from me as I would be the one that will live my life, not them. I really appreciated that from my parents, they were supportive, even though a lot of parents are against the idea of a young adult making decisions for themselves. I learned a lesson here, I shouldn’t rush into things. My parents taught me how to support someone and be patient with a big decision. Carefully thinking, flashes of memories from the past, and the smile on my parents comes into my mind. I walk into the university with my head held up high, taking things one step at a time.

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