10 Tips to Overcome Stage Fright

  1. Know Your Stuff

The first tip to overcome stage fright is to know your stuff.  If you are prepared for your speech, then there is nothing to fear while being up on the stage. It is important to know your content, your audience and your speech. Once you understand your topic, you will be able to speak more naturally and confidently.

  1. Practice

Knowing your stuff is not enough to get rid of the problem, you need to practice. You need to make sure you practice as much as you can before you get on that stage. It is recommended that you know your content inside out and practice in front of people. This will help to build your confidence.

  1. Remember to Always Greet Your Audience with A Smile

This is an effective way to build a relationship with your audience. Having a strong relationship with your audience will make sure that you are more relaxed and less anxious. Make sure you invest yourself in that moment which lets your audience know that you enjoy being up on the stage and that you are talking to them, and not to yourself.

  1. Pretend Like You Are Excited About It

According to a study, one way to prevent anxiety is to pretend your anxiety is excitement. This makes sure that your nervous energy is converted into positive energy. People who are anxious are distracted.

  1. Have a Good Relationship with Yourself

You should make sure thoughts that make you doubt yourself and induces low confidence should be removed. Make sure you come to terms with these and prove that you are not what those thoughts tell you are.

  1. Visualize the Worst Outcome

The one thing everyone is wrong about is the fact that one should avoid whatever negative may pop up in your mind, especially fear. This is wrong. You should face your fears head on and allow yourself to visualize whatever worries you. Then make sure you have ways of coping up with them in your mind. Maybe make a joke in your head about what might happen to calm you down.


  1. Posture is Important

Posture is an important factor which shows how confident you are. The more slouched you stand, the less confident you seem. Stand straight with your chest area forward to make yourself feel and seem confident.

  1. Do Not Rush

Start slow and let yourself take time to get to a comfortable pace. Remember you need time to get used to the audience and so does the audience need to get used to you. Hence, never rush your presentation.

  1. The First 5 Minutes

Imagine your presentation is only five minutes long. This will make sure you are less stressed. Make sure you focus on getting through the first five minutes because by this time you would be calm.

  1. Do Not Fight Your Stage Fright, Face It.

You will feel anxious the first few minutes, it is obvious. But if you try to fight your anxiety, it will just find a way to fight back. Instead, face it by focusing on your presentation, and the anxiety will slowly wear off.