Helping The Youth In Crisis


When I was in pre-school, I once proclaimed that I would be a scientist. Later in grade school, I wanted to be a basketball player. When I arrived in high school, I decided I want to be a musician. Finally when I stepped in the front door of college, I told myself, I’ll be a programmer. Thinking back, I wanted to be many things, but why did so much of my decision changed? It’s because as time goes on, the picture you have in mind becomes clearer.


In my youth, I had a crisis in what I want to be when I grow up. I always get influenced by what I watch, admit it, there was a time in your life when you had a similar thought, didn’t you? For me, it was always the ones that caught my interest. It’s not always the main character that’s interesting, but sometime the one that rarely shows up. In my case, when I was a kid, I once saw in television a man talking about something complicated, so I asked my parents what the man is talking about. They simply answered that he is talking about science because he is a scientist. At that time my interest blew out of control, and I began to pretend that I’m a scientist and imitated what he was doing. Needless to say, I was scolded for making a mess in the kitchen, thus my interest for science grew less. I was, once again, uncertain what I want to be in the future.

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While not minding the crisis I had in my youth, I began playing with the kids next door to relax. I had so much fun playing with them, that it wasn’t until we began playing basketball I found myself yearning to be a professional player. This, however resulted in my poor performance in school. My parents were alarmed with what I do with my time and consulted me if I really wanted to be a basketball player. I realized that I was only doing that for fun, and if I played alone, it was quite different when playing with friends. Professional basketball players are serious and not something that just comes out of the blue because of a snap decision. I rebuked myself for thinking such a hollow thought. And, once again, I find myself in crisis of what I want to be. Yes, there are a lot of crisis a person has in youth. We often think what we want to be. I always wanted to be an electrician when I was a kid, but instead I became a carpet cleaner.


High school came and I started listening to music. I idolized them and started picking up the guitar. It was going quite well, and at that time, my parents told me that I’m growing into a young adult, and that my decision should come from me as I would be the one that will live my life, not them. I really appreciated that from my parents, they were supportive, even though a lot of parents are against the idea of a young adult making decisions for themselves. I learned a lesson here, I shouldn’t rush into things. My parents taught me how to support someone and be patient with a big decision. Carefully thinking, flashes of memories from the past, and the smile on my parents comes into my mind. I walk into the university with my head held up high, taking things one step at a time.

When Should You Call a Crisis Line ?

First we should explore what crisis lines are. Crisis Lines are phone numbers where people trained to talk to individuals who are experiencing crisis, often times these callers are thinking of suicide or a rash action. The professionals are trained to offer counsel to the callers, aiming to having a connection with the caller and deter them from the rash decision, by talking about their problems and offering at the very least their attention and ear they allow the caller to feel a little better and reduce their thoughts about doing something rash. Often times the callers are victims of abuse, bullying, rape, runaways, or identify their selves as LGBT

If a person ever thinks of suicide it is a crisis, if not then that person should not even consider taking his or her life. It is important to take these matters seriously, as it is best to get help as early as possible during these cases.  If you feel down and ever think of anything close to suicide, talk to a family member, friend or counselor, if you cannot reach one pick up the phone and contact your local crisis line. If you have a friend that exhibits depression and seem somewhat less social as usual, talk to them or notify a professional to know how to approach the matter carefully. One time I was in San Diego jail and needed to the bail bond so I can get back my freedom.

There are several reasons why a person would be in crisis. One reason could be because of social problems like bullying, if a person is being bullied and is unable to resolve or stop it on their own, or if outside help was unable to truly notice the gravity of the situation, it can be assumed that his or her state might be serious.  Another reason would be a condition like depression or anything similar, if left untreated their situation will get worst in time and reach a level of crisis with terrible consequences.  A reason that is hard to detect from an outside point of view is when a person is overwhelmed with a problem or several, some people will keep a straight face as if nothing is bothering them, but could be in a terrible point. This crisis could lead to suicide, if you or a loved one is facing any of these, do not be afraid of asking for help or call a crisis line.

The reasons why people would call crisis lines will greatly differ depending on person to person, but if suffer from any of the following; substance abuse, financial concerns,  relationship problems, family problems, sexual orientation, abuse, loneliness, or mental  and physical illness, you should call your local hotline.

Whether the situation look serious or not, it is best to always treat the matter seriously. Sometimes people just need someone to talk to in order to get through a problem. If you need to talk to anyone, open up to a family member, friend, or a local counselor, if you find yourself unable to look for people around you to talk to call your local crisis line.

Helping Utah’s Kids Through Volunteering & Donation

Crisis Youth Help centers of Salt Lake City serve the children through various youth service programs. Most of these programs are aimed at proving shelter for the kids that were abused and neglected. They have emergency residential shelters to provide kids with proper health, medical and dental care, transportation and recreational activities.

The centers also engage the children in group activities such as life skills building, drug and alcohol prevention classes and community service. These activities enable the children to regain their confidence to become a productive member of the society.

Unfortunately, the number of crisis kids is growing each year. Charitable organizations running the shelters may encounter difficulties in meeting this growing number. Given these facts, it falls upon the community to help wherever they can. A good start would be to help rehabilitate the shelters.

Most of the shelters need new fixtures, weed removal, plumbing, roof repair and general cleaning.

For instance, the carpets of the youth shelter do not get the proper cleaning it need. Regular vacuuming can only remove surface dirt but it cannot remove the living organisms that could swarm there. Dirty carpets could harbor mold, mildew, dust mites and harmful bacteria. These elements could cause serious disease to children and even adults.

Only a professional carpet cleaning company can ensure that the carpet is thoroughly cleansed from harmful organisms. Prospective donors can consider donating a professional carpet cleaning service from a reputable carpet cleaning company in Salt Lake City. This will greatly help the shelters sanitize their carpets to protect the children from getting sick.

Volunteerism is another way of helping crisis youth centers. It will give the kids a new sense of faith in the society when they see and experience the care of the community. Through volunteerism, you can give the gift of your time and attention to the kids who need it the most.

It doesn’t matter if you come in for just one day or want to help create new programs for the children. The important thing is your willingness to serve.

Here are some of the volunteer areas that you can participate it: 

  • Juvenile Receiving Centers
  • Emergency Crisis Residential Shelter
  • Children’s Justice Center
  • Afterschool program

You may coordinate with the nearest youth shelter in Utah to express your intention to volunteer. They will be glad to welcome you in one of their volunteer programs. Let us continue learning and getting involved in the valuable work of our youth shelters in Salt Lake.

The youth centers need all the support they can get from the community. Our concerted efforts will help our children have a brighter future. The children will benefit if we can aid them to get back on their feet so that they can pursue the dreams and aspirations in their hearts. Let us not allow the children’s past affect the bright future ahead of them.

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